Sunday, 22 May 2016

Mono printing and creative mess...

I have been experimenting with mono print this week, making marks and seeing what evolves. 

I have played with mono printing for years. My initial images were dancers, created when I first studied at Cambridge School of Art years ago. 

After busy months leading up to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, it’s been refreshing to create editorial images. Working with bold brush strokes on a glass plate and textures, my work is slowly evolving. It's wonderful to wake fired up, ready to make a creative mess and see what happens! 
Below is a selection of images from this process. 

I think this texture might just have to be a mushroom! Watch this space...

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Bring me sunshine...

Working with these colours was a welcome break from the grey days full of rain. 

Here it is the peacock illustration in progress and some of the tools of my trade. Hydrus inks, wax crayons and good quality heavy blotting paper.
The first ink wash is down and drying (time for a cuppa or two) then I work into it rubbing patterns with wax crayons. 

This button was perfect for creating the peacock feathers, discovered in a traditional haberdashery shop in Salisbury. 

Polly Noakes Illustration